Add Some Edge to Your Look

QualiTi Titanium Body Jewellery

They produce stunning body jewellery using high quality safe ASTM F136 implant grade titanium and bezel set only the finest Swarovski crystals and superior cabochon  opals. 

No glue or foils are used in this jewellery resulting in exceptional quality body jewellery that is not only completely safe for your piercings but also possesses a dazzling shine that will last.

 Ozone Body Piercing is a retailer for this beautiful implant grade titanium body jewellery that is guaranteed to turn  heads.

We stock internally threaded QualiTi Body Jewellery both in ASTM-F136 Implant Grade Titanium, and offer plain varieties as well as beautiful Swarovski and gorgeous cabochon opal options.

Here at Ozone we always pierce with internally threaded medical grade titanium but you can now get pierced with QualiTi  (using a plain internally threaded bar or BCR) .

Or for the cost of the interchangeable attachments you can have the jewellery you have dreamed about straight away. Please feel free to enquire.

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A New Standard for Piercers

Each piece of body jewellery is manufactured in a state of the art facility in Carlsbad California., using only the highest standards whilst offering superior quality and value since 1991.

IS Body Jewellery have a proud partnership with Swarovski gems, insuring only the highest quality gemstones get set into implant grade materials. Manufactured with 316 LVM ASTM F-­‐138 implant grade Stainless steel,  6AL4V ASTM F-­‐136 implant grade titanium and introducing the body piercing industry to a newer more biocompatible material – 6AL7NB ASTM F1295 implant grade titanium.

Working with the worlds leading piercers enables us to innovate whilst bringing fresh ideas to fine piercing establishments across the globe.


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